Bill Gates

Personal Life

Bill Gates maried Melinda French from Dallas, Texas on New Years Day in 1994. They had 3 children Jennifer, Rory and Phobea. Bill Gates lives in a 21 century earh sheltered home on the side of Lake Washinton. Gates was number 1 on Forbes 400. Bill Gates home is worth 125 million dollars. Gates has several investment out of Microsoft  paying him a salary of $616,677 and $350,000. Gates founded Coris a digital printing company in 1984. Since Bill Gates had over 100 bilion dollars the media had to call him centibillionaire. In May 2006 Bill Gates announced hat he does not want to be the richest person because he does not like all the attention. Bill Gates also bought writings from Leonardo Da Vinchi for 32.6 million dolars at a auction.