Bill Gates

Character Traits Bill Gates Show

1. Bill Gates showed many character traits here are some.

2.Bill Gates was very smart becuase he aced all his classes and got to skip math because he knew everything, also he got a 1590 out of 1600 on SAT.

3.Bill Gates had a lot of courage, he never gave up even when he was about to lose a lot of profit from microsoft but Bill Gates went to court and won against IBM

4.Bill Gates is a very happy person, whenever Bill Gates donates money he feels like he just saved someones life and he just loves the feelig of that, he also thinks that the money is going toward someone who does not hae enough money to learn.

5.Bill Gate is very determined of what he does, whenever he starts something to do he won't do another thing until he's done with the first thing even if it takes him a year.