Bill Gates

Challenges & Failures

Bill Gates faced many challenges. One of the challenges is that when Microsoft first opened Bill Gates became very succesul, but than when MITS found out Bill Gates age people all over the world stopped buying them for a while which led to financial problems which meant he did not get a lot of money but than came sucessful again later in life. Another challenge Bill Gates faced was that Bill Gates parents were not happy when he said that he wanted to drop out of college so he could start his company, but his parents said no. It took amost 1 year to convince Bill Gates parents to start the company in New Mexico. Bill Gates is very confident but have failed some things. One of the things that Bill Gates failed is that Bill Gates missed his offer of Giving the first BASIC that he was supposed to make but it took more than 5 weeks to make it when it was supposed to be made in 3 weeks. ( second BASIC version. )